Sufyan ibn ‘Uyaynah’s Respect for Imam Abu Hanifah

Al-Khatib al-Baghdadi narrates:

Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Rizq reported to us: He said: Muhammad ibn ‘Umar al-Ji‘abi narrated to us: Abu Bakr Ibrahim ibn Muhammad ibn Dawud ibn Sulayman al-Qattan narrated to me: He said: Ihsaq ibn al-Buhlul narrated to us: He said: I heard Ibn ‘Uyaynah say: “My eyes have not seen the like of Abu Hanifah.” (Tarikh Baghdad 15:460)

Dr Bashshar ‘Awwad Ma‘ruf comments: “Its isnad is sahih.”

It has been documented in earlier posts that it is authentically reported from Sufyan ibn ‘Uyaynah that he said about Abu Hanifah: “Allah have mercy on Abu Hanifah. He was from the worshippers (musallin), that is, he was one of many Salahs.” (source)

And: “Abu Hanifah was an honourable person, and he would perform [much] Salah from early in his life.”  (source)

And: “The first to sit me down to narrate hadith was Abu Hanifah…When I entered Kufa, Abu Hanifah said to them [i.e. the Kufans]: ‘This is the most learned of them regarding [the hadiths of] ‘Amr ibn Dinar.’ Then the scholars (mashayikh) gathered around me, asking me about the hadiths of ‘Amr ibn Dinar.” (source)

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